LED Cell Activator device

This LED Cell Activator device uses LED lights at a specific wavelength and wattage to increase cellular viability, proliferation and osteogenic differentiation.

It can be used with Platelet-Rich Plasma or Mesenchymal stem cells. This process also promotes the expression of beta1-integrin, one of the keys to successful tissue repair.




Main Specifications
Specification NB-306LCA
LED light Red/Yellow/Green/Blue
Time range Continuous or up to 48 hours
Time Accuracy ±1%
Time Increments 1 minute
Display 5 Digit LED x 2
Inner Dimensions 30Φ(Diameter) x 100mm x 2
Outer Dimensions 250(w)mm x 250(D)mm x 175(H)mm
Block capacity 2 x 50ml conical tubes
Power 110V 50Hz 30W