Smart Cells Solutions Co.,Ltd.,established in 2017 under the slogan ‘’ Innovative and high quality products for better life ‘’ by offering innovative products to clinics and hospitals all over the country. Our products range includes Pro BSK PRP tube , PRP Activator , LED Cell activator device , Centrifuge and general laboratory equipment. With our experience in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging application leading us successfully serving the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging community. This is reflect our core value and mission of providing the best value products both consumable products and equipments to our valued customers with prompt service and application support. Smart Cells Solutions is a distributor of world-class products from Korea. We have distributed to over 1,000 clinics and hospitals nationwide. We believe that with innovative products plus our best service will be able to serve you to meet your standard and expectation

What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is the future leaders in the field of cells and their applicaiton in regenerative medicine. The combination of highly-trained science and engineering workforce, and the potential for clinical translation and commercialization of research findings

Our Vision

The company believes in generating qualified and intelligent employees and work infrastructure with highly effective environment as required for manufacturing internationally acceptable quality medicines and health supplements.

Our Goals

our goal is to encounter enormous challenges during the long product-development process. Today's fast-paced competition requires efficiency in all aspects of business.


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